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​​Educa Champions Global Early Childhood Education with a Unified Vision: “Creating Inspired Explorers”

WELLINGTON, 7 February 2024 – Educa, a leader in early childhood education, today announced a major shift in its educational philosophy, recognizing that early childhood education holds a universal goal across the globe: “creating inspired explorers.” Despite regional variations in education policy and frameworks, Educa asserts that the core mission of early childhood education remains consistent worldwide.

At the heart of this transformative vision is the recognition that teachers play a pivotal role in nurturing young minds. Educa emphasizes the importance of teachers spending their valuable time directly engaging with children, fostering a spirit of exploration and inspiring them to discover the world around them. The company understands that teachers are more than educators; they are mentors, guides, and the catalysts for curiosity and creativity in young learners.

Educa also acknowledges the critical role of family involvement in early childhood education. By creating stronger links between educational institutions and families, children benefit from a more cohesive and supportive learning environment. Educa is committed to developing tools and resources that facilitate this connection, enhancing communication and collaboration between teachers and families.

As part of this initiative, Educa is rolling out a range of improvements and resources designed to support teachers, families and education bodies in their shared mission of “creating inspired explorers.” 

“We believe that every child, regardless of where they live, deserves the opportunity to become an inspired explorer,” said Simon Swallow, CEO of Educa. “This new direction for Educa is more than a philosophy; it’s a commitment to supporting teachers and families worldwide in nurturing the innate curiosity and creativity of young learners.”

Educa’s global perspective on early childhood education marks a significant step towards a more unified and effective approach to nurturing the next generation. By focusing on the essential role of teachers and the importance of family involvement, Educa is paving the way for a brighter, more explorative future for children around the world.

About Educa

Educa is a leading provider of early childhood education solutions, committed to fostering the development of young children through innovative teaching practices and strong family engagement. With a presence in over 10 countries, Educa is dedicated to creating a global community of inspired explorers.

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